Hi Everyone,

Sorry its been so long since I posted, Ive had a dodgy paw :-( It was real itchy scratchy and all red. The pack leaders took me to see a nice italian lady, think her name was Vet, weird name if you ask me. Anyway she gave me some magic powder the leaders have been feeding me in salami and think I dont notice! Its worth it for the salami though, mmmmm salami.

Talking of yummy treats I want to thank all the lovely Giggling Gecko Adventurers like Bob and Row, karen jones, hayley and simon and many others that have brought me out lovely treats and dentastics to keep me well trained and my teeth shiny! THANK YOU!

Along with visiting my new friend Vet, we have had a busy few weeks here in Boa Vista, leaders have been real busy watching the big sea dogs, Im getting a bit jealous to be honest dont see what all the fuss is about, Im much cuter, they should just show me off to all their Giggling Gecko adventurer friends. I can jump too!  Whale3Ah well at least theres not long left now, the pack barks to me that there is only another month or so left of these big sea dogs stealing my thunder.

I’ve missed running on the beach the last few days cause of my paw so Ive has to settle for running round the house with my toys, Id rather play with Timmy and Susie but they dont seem keen no matter how much I whine and drop in front of them, maybe cats dont like to play.  The beaches are getting fun now though, the windy season is almost finished so less nasty white stuff whipping around my legs and lots of lovely sunshine means the leaders let me go in the sea more often.

Its been fun this week cause there has been lots of kids here on holidays to play with! They keep talking about all this white stuff falling from the sky back where the my pack leaders used to live. I remember that stuff, I much prefer the white stuff here on the ground, its warm not cold and it fun to rub it all over the white couch after walkies!

Anyway now that Im fighting fit I will be back again soon but need to head off now as its Sunday, family day in house, which means I get to go jump on the bed while richard trys to change it and give Jen big eyes so she might give me something she is cooking…

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