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Hi Everyone,

Sorry its been so long since I posted, Ive had a dodgy paw :-( It was real itchy scratchy and all red. The pack leaders took me to see a nice italian lady, think her name was Vet, weird name if you ask me. Anyway she gave me some magic powder the leaders have been feeding me in salami and think I dont notice! Its worth it for the salami though, mmmmm salami. (more…)

The big sea dogs are coming…

Mar, 08, 2013 jenrich blog 2

Baleias5I’ve been so lazy in getting my paw out and writing recently, but I’ve been a bit distracted by all these funny noises coming from far out at sea. Jen and Rich can’t hear them, but my doggie ears can… The big sea dogs are coming! (more…)

Yum yum…

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Mmmm…. I love these, good for my toothy pegs! (more…)

Run away!!!

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Dog day afternoon..

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playing in the scrub  Well its been a dog day afternoon.. it was a day off for the whole pack! Ive been keeping up with some grooming, I stood on something ouchie last night when I was running on the scrub over near chaves beach next to morabeza beach bar. (really love going to Morabeza too to chace CAT, shes more like a pit bull!) (more…)


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Sonny6I love my walkies!

Fun walk this morning with Richard on Estoril beach. I love playing with my frisby at Estoril. I run up to the waves with me frisby in my mouth then run away again when they come crashing down. Big waves today, I didn’t like them! (more…)