Benefitting Boa


Profit donation

Undoubtedly with natural geography unspoiled by heavy development comes beauty, however subsequently Boa Vista is still a developing nation trying to find the balance between preserving the island and raising the standard of life via tourism. There are multiple charities on the island supporting the people and animals that make the island so special.  We donate 5% of all net profit to locally run charities to alleviate poverty.

The Jardim (kindergarden project)

A small but effective project run entirely on donations. We are delighted to support the Un Click Jardim. To compliment our own efforts we are delighted to accept any financial donations or gifts in kind to help support the jardim and local villages. We can stop off during any tour for you to donate items or money to the project and are happy to assist organise anyone wishing to volunteer (short or long term, two hours or months) or form "twin" schools / nurseries with the project.

Benefitting Boa

As well as trying to support the local community we also give back what we can to the environment, We give Naturalia, the conservation group €20 per person on our tours. These informative and enjoyable tours also assist educate the international community on the importance of preserving the natural environment on Boa Vista.