The big sea dogs are coming…

Mar, 08, 2013 jenrich blog 2

Baleias5I’ve been so lazy in getting my paw out and writing recently, but I’ve been a bit distracted by all these funny noises coming from far out at sea. Jen and Rich can’t hear them, but my doggie ears can… The big sea dogs are coming! (more…)

Yum yum…

Jan, 30, 2013 jenrich blog 1


Mmmm…. I love these, good for my toothy pegs! (more…)

Sonny – The only Border on Boa!

Jan, 14, 2013 temp blog 1

Welcome to my blog!

Well it’s 8 months since my pack leaders Richard and Jen moved us all to this desert island.. so far so good!  (more…)