Dog day afternoon..

playing in the scrub  Well its been a dog day afternoon.. it was a day off for the whole pack! Ive been keeping up with some grooming, I stood on something ouchie last night when I was running on the scrub over near chaves beach next to morabeza beach bar. (really love going to Morabeza too to chace CAT, shes more like a pit bull!) So in between licking my paw and short walkies downstairs on Cabral beach Ive been getting my paws bathed in this strange tea called cammomile.  Been King of the dogs today, foot baths, treats and getting carried down to the beach for my short walkies, Im gona be doing some crazy running tomorrow!

So the pack has been having a chilled day, Jen and Rich went to Elcibar at Vila Cabral,  for their din dins, they call it lunch, I love it when we go there cause as they talk to friends of the pack I get to play with Whitey, Solal, Nibbler and Mr. grumps, aca Limps a Lot.  A lot of the dogs round here dont have an upstairs pack, just their doggy pack outside, they get hit by the massive moterised dogs that run up and down the road, thats why Solal and Limps a lot have bad legs.  Its really sad as the outside pack gets smaller and smaller all the time, I still miss Floppy Lugs, the “car” didn’t just hit her legs.  Two of the friends of the pack are starting a new pack that Jen said is a “charity” to help the doggies downstairs… I’ll post all the details when the pack is ready then if any doggie lovers want to help my extended pack they can. Anyway while the pack leaders were barking on about their new “North East Island Tour” they are starting soon I got to play with Whitey, shes a big softy so not much good for rough and tumble but prob a good thing till my paw feels better. Whitey

Dont think Ill be doing much running around tonight, gona make the most of all this pampering and get ready for running off all the extra treats tomorrow! It’s a busy week for the pack leaders, 2 new tours starting soon, and all the tours happening for the rest of the week, I’m hoping to go fast walkies in the giant dog on friday for the half day tour with all the nice families.  Well Im off for a camommile foot spa, be back soon…

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