Sonny – The only Border on Boa!

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Welcome to my blog!

Well it’s 8 months since my pack leaders Richard and Jen moved us all to this desert island.. so far so good!  I’m loving my new life here on Boa Vista, there are so many different doggies here to play with,  Whitey and Solal are my best buds they come with me when I’m out running on the beach searching for yummy donkey poo, my pack leaders don’t like this so much.  I love playing with the new dog  Nibbler but he’s still only a pup and a bit boistrous so I’ve been trying to put him in his place, I wouldn’t try this with Limps a Lot though,  he’s a bit grumpy but he’s the pack leader, I reckon if I lick his face enough eventually he’ll like me!

I knew something was up when eight months ago me and the pack went a drive in the middle of the night, then I was allowed to sleep in my crate, I hadn’t slept in my crate in months, keeping Jens feet and Richards head warm is my primary objective at night now.  I’d never been on a giant flying dog before (Richard kept calling it a..plane?!)  and the journey was long. I missed Rich and Jen and was frightened they wouldn’t come back for me, and to top it all off the giant tin dog we were travelling in kept making the loudest growl,  but my cat buddies/nemesis (we have a love hate relationship) Suthia and Timmy kept me company in the crates next to me. We were all so relieved to be off the flying dog and that the pack leaders were there waiting for us but I still can’t believe that the men who took us off the “plane..” put us all on the baggage carousel after we arrived in Boa. We went round and round with peoples luggage. I got a lot of attention from the other tourists, I think they thought it funny that me, Timmy and Suthia were on holiday and didn’t realise Boa Vista was our packs new home!

I’m still getting used to the heat so we only go running at funny times now, but I do like a sunbathe on the balcony when it is hot, Rich and Jen feed me funny crunchy hard water that cools me down.  The cats like the heat more than me I think cause they are older than me and don’t like to play with me and get all hot and panty, they only run when I chase them, (I love doing that but for some reason they always hit me on the nose with their paws and the pack leaders tell me to “leave” I think that means run harder, still trying to figure out some of the weird barks the pack leaders use) but I love to run and jump and tug and chew things, its a lot warmer here than my old home in Scotland but the tiled floors help cool down my tummy when I’m all snoozie!

The pack leaders some days take me on their island tours, thats their new job, I love doing that cause I meet so many nice people I can play with and I get to run around chasing these funny giant ghost crabs, I never catch them but I’ll keep trying.  When its too hot for me or one of the pack leaders is working from the office I get to play with my toys at home and go nice walkies with the other doggies. Its a good life here on Boa Vista, but the grass is funny, its all white and gets up my nose!  I’m learning all sorts of new things like how to swim, I dont like a B.A.T.H but the sea is fun cause I can chase the waves, but I dont like it when the go over my head, blergh!

Well I best sign off Jen has just put my food down and I need to go get it before Timmy nicks it, shes such a pain.  I’ll be back whenever I can though to tell you about my Border on Boa adventures…

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