The big sea dogs are coming…

Mar 08, 2013 jenrich blog 2 Comments

Baleias5I’ve been so lazy in getting my paw out and writing recently, but I’ve been a bit distracted by all these funny noises coming from far out at sea. Jen and Rich can’t hear them, but my doggie ears can… The big sea dogs are coming!

I’ve been hearing them for weeks now, but suddenly Jen and Rich have jumped on the bandwaggon and are all excited about their new whale watching tours. Ive been telling them for weeks! Ah well, they’re only human I suppose.

Aside from the noisy sea dogs I’ve been having a “whale” of a time (hur hur hur!)

Lots of lovely clients like Carrol and Barry and Stephen and Alison have been bringing me out lovely treats. Not sure what to do with the mini bonio ones though, I just run about wagging my tail throwing it in the air! My favourite beach bar Morabeza keeps giving us lots of lovely fish too, Timmy and Sucia get the lions share of that but I’ve sneaked the odd bit of tuna!

Got into a bit of a scrap for the first time this week with a nastly looking Bull cross outside. He came charging across from miles away, on my territory too,  I tried to calm him down by licking his face but he was all hepped up and ready for trouble.  He was bigger than me and Jen and his human got all stressed, they needn’t have worried, I’m a border terrier, small and scrappy but I fight with the spirit of a doberman! It was fun!

I just heard the magic word from Richard, WALKIES… gotta go..

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