Sonny6I love my walkies!

Fun walk this morning with Richard on Estoril beach. I love playing with my frisby at Estoril. I run up to the waves with me frisby in my mouth then run away again when they come crashing down. Big waves today, I didn’t like them!

I even get to play off leash at Estoril as there’s no nasty cars anywhere in site! Funny looking cars sometimes drive along the beach, think I’ve heard Jen call them quads when she spots them she shouts to Richard “quads” then Richard grabs me by my harness. Always think that it’s walkies over when they do this but after the funny car goes away I’m free again!

We walked past some of the beach bars on Estoril, Boa Vista Social Club, Allisios, Tortuga, Bahia and Morabeza. My favourite is Morabeza as I go there quite a lot when I’m on a tour with Richard and Jen and my other human buddies. I like to chase “cat” at Morabeza but she’s even scarier than Timmy and Suthia cause she’s not scared of me even when I woof at her!


Jen is out on a full day tour today so I’m at home with Richard cause there’s no space in the car for me! Lucky Jen!! I love going to Santa Monica beach to chase the ghost crabs. That’s the first stop on the tour then we’re off to Varandinha beach, that’s my favourite beach. After that we go to the oldest settlement on Boa Vista called Povoacao Velha, that’s a tricky one for me to bark!! I get to drink some nice cold water at Povoacao Velha just like all my other human buddies on the tour with me. Some of them even have funny tasting water, think it’s called beer, but I don’t like that and Richard and Jen won’t let me have any! When we stop off at Deserto de Vianna I just have a quick pee then get back into the car cause it’s sometimes to hot for me at the desert but the humans love jumping off the sand dunes!

We then drive through Sal Rei and I can listen to the other dogs talking to each other by the port and fish market. The fish market is one smelly place for me but I love watching the women bringing the fish in on baskets on their heads then sit outside chopping up the fresh tuna and serra always hoping they will throw some to me but they never do.

My human buddies then go to Morabeza for a slap up lunch and I go home to have mine!!


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