About us & Boa Vista

Richard and Jen the founders of the Giggling Gecko family, offer small group, informative, frank and fun tours. As a small family business, we offer an alternative to large group generic tours and focus on the personal touch and supporting the local community.

As we take small groups you get the best possible personalised service, and it also allows us to use smaller comfortable vehicles (no buses in sight on our excursions!) local restaurants, bars, shops, and businesses. The unique nature of our tours means we can visit even the most off the beaten track location, we can answer each individuals curiosities about the paradise island, and can go the extra mile to ensure we are the highlight of your holiday.

Your tours are all guided by ourselves or other members of our wee team. All of our guides are local or have been living on Boa Vista long term, speak the local language and have a comprehensive knowledge of the island, culture, history, people, locations and animal life, have plenty of life experience and genuinely love their job…. Who wouldn’t like to work in our outdoor “office”! Our drivers are all highly experienced, fully trained, and charismatic! In the true Cape Verdean spirit they are always friendly and have an attention for detail to ensure you make special memories on our tours.


We believe in respecting the local environment, culture and preserving the beauty of the island while working within the fast growing tourism that supports the islands economy. We work with the community, individuals, and conservations groups towards this end wherever possible. We donate towards the conservation of the loggerhead turtles, and always work within any guidelines given to protect the natural life here on Boa Vista.

As well as the local environment, we take great joy as individuals and as a company in supporting the local community in any way we can, donating items to families, individuals, community groups, schools, villages, children’s charities, hold fundraisers and collect large amounts of items for donation on weekly basis. We also support the local community on every tour, with every juice or beer or souvenir bought, every restaurant used, and as a locally registered company our taxes are paid here on Cape Verde. To learn more about what we do in the community and how you can help via donating money, items, volunteering, and raising awareness please see our Benefiting Boa page.

Finally we would like to note that your comfort and safety is paramount to us during every tour. We are fully insured, so even if your insurance with your travel agent only covers their excursions, rest assured you are covered on ours. We are happy to accommodate any mobility issues, difficulties and issues such as allergies, get in touch in advance if you have any special requirements.

Let us be the highlight of your holiday.